Almond Butter


Almond Butter, unlike Almond Paste, is unsweetened and more like peanut butter in consistency and appearance. It is made by blending ground toasted almonds with a binding ingredient like oil. Almond butter can be used in the same way as Peanut Butter.

French Almond Butter is made with real butter and ground almonds, and is primarily used to garnish food and flavor sauces.


Translations: Mandeļu Sviests, Migdolų sviestas, Unt de migdale, Bơ hạnh nhân, Masło migdałowe, बादाम मक्खन, A manteiga de amêndoa, Миндальное масло, Αμύγδαλο Βούτυρο, زبدة اللوز, 아몬드 버터, Mandlovým máslem, Almond butter, 杏仁奶油, Mantega d'ametlla, Mandľovým maslom, Burro di mandorle, חמאת שקדים, Almond Smör, Бадем Маслац, アーモンドバター, De beurre d'amandes, Almond Smør, Mantequilla de almendra, Мигдальна олія, Almond Voi, Бадемово масло



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