Gram Flour


In other parts of South and Southeast Asia the flour is used to make pakoras, papadums, and onion bhajis, Burmese tofu, and jidou liangfen. It is used in Italian cuisine to make farinata and in French cuisine to make socca. If parboiled potatoes are rolled in the flour prior to roasting they take on a golden colour and a crisp texture.

Is gram flour chickpeaf lour? Channa flour?


Translations: Gram Milti, Gramo miltai, Gram Faina, Gram brašna, Bột Gram, Gram mąki, Gram bloem, बेसन, Грамм Мука, Γραμμάριο Αλεύρι, غرام طحين, 그램 밀가루, Cizrnové mouky, Tepung Gram, 克面粉, Farina de cigró, Gram Moka, Cizrnové múky, גרם קמח, Gram Mjöl, Грама брашна, グラム小麦粉, Gram Mel, Harina de garbanzo, Грам Борошно, Gram Jauhot, Грам брашно



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