Burgundy Apple


The burgandy apple with its red color is inviting as it finds it way right from salads to desserts. A welcome healthy food by all some recipes with burgandy apple include- Burgandy Apple Pie, a delicious French dessert; Apple tart-apple mixed with butter, full cream and served with ice cream as dessert; burgandy wine curry and used in many a stew


Translations: Burgundija Apple, Burgundia Apple, Burgundija Apple, Bordowy Apple, Bourgogne Apple, बरगंडी एप्पल, Borgonha Apple, Бургундия Apple, Μπορντό Apple, بورجوندي أبل, 부르고뉴 애플, Burgundsko Apple, Apple Burgundy, 勃艮第苹果, Borgonya Apple, Burgundija Apple, Burgundsko Apple, Borgogna Apple, בורגונדי אפל, Бургундија јабука, ブルゴーニュアップル, Bourgogne Apple, Burgund Apple, Bourgogne Apple, Burgunder Apple, Borgoña Apple, Бургундія Apple, Бургундия Apple



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