A root vegetable which is similar in flavor and appearance to onions, shallots and scallions. Leeks have a very small white bulb and a long cylindrical stalk of super-imposed layers that flows into green, tightly wrapped, flat leaves.

Leeks have a delicate, sweet "oniony" flavor and are great in raw salads, soups, and stir fries. Leeks should not be cooked for longer than 5 minutes and should be harvested before they start to flower for eating purposes.


Other names:
Translations: Puravs, Poras, Praz, Poriluk, Tỏi tây, Por, Prei, प्याज के प्रकार की एक वनस्पति, Alho-porro, Лук-порей, Πράσο, كراث نوع من الثوم, 부추, Pórek, Празилук, Sibuyas, 韭, Porro, Pora, Pór, Porro, כריש, Bawang perai, リーク, Poireau, Lauch, Purre, Puerro, Лук-порей, Purjo, Праз-лук



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