Chicken Drumstick- فخد الدجاج


The Chicken Drumstick is the "dark meat" portion of the chicken, that contains more fat and connective tissue, making it one of the least tender parts of the Chicken.

The Drumstick usually requires longer cooking times, but is quite succulent when done. This part of the chicken is well suited for deep-frying, roasting, stewing and braising. May need to be parcooked before grilling.


Translations: Vistas stilbiņš, Vištienos blauzdelė, Copan de pui, Pileći batak, Gà dùi trống, Podudzie z kurczaka, Kip drumstick, चिकन सहजन, Perna de frango, Куриные Драмстик, Κοτόπουλο Κνήμη, الدجاج عود الطبل, 치킨 드럼 스틱, Kuřecí stehno, Paha ayam, Manok baketa, 只鸡腿, Cuixa de pollastre, Chicken Krača, Kuracie stehno, Cosciotto di pollo, עוף מקוש, Kyckling Ben, Пилећи батак, チキンドラムスティック, Poulet Drumstick, Kylling Underlaar, Muslo de pollo, Курячі Драмстік, Kana Drumstick, Пилешки Подбедрица



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