Light Beer


There is no single universally accepted definition of light beer, but it generally indicates beer with a lower alcohol and/or calorie content than regular beers.


Translations: Vieglais alus, Silpnas alus, Bere light, Lagano pivo, Bia nhẹ, Piwo jasne, Licht bier, लाइट बियर, Легкое пиво, Ελαφριά μπίρα, بيرة خفيفة, 라이트 맥주, Světlé pivo, Bir ringan, Light beer, 低度啤酒, De cerveses lleugeres, Svetlé pivo, בירה קלה, Ljust öl, Лако пиво, ライトビール, Lyst øl, Lyst øl, De cervezas ligeras, Легке пиво, Vaalea olut, Лека бира



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