Rye is a cereal food that is mainly grown in the northern and eastern parts of Europe, due to its resistance to very cold temperatures. Rye crops are very prone to attack by a mould known as Ergot, which if eaten is toxic to the body and can cause Ergotism.

Rye is often used to make breads and crispbreads, which are very high in fibre.


Translations: Rudzi, Rugiai, Raž, Żyto, Rogge, राई, Centeio, Рожь, Σίκαλη, الجاودار, 호밀, Žito, 黑麦, Centeno, Rž, Raž, Segale, שיפון, Råg, Раж, ライ麦, Seigle, Rug, Centeno, Жито, Rukiista, Ръж



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