An Italian cows' milk cheese produced in a variety of shapes and size. Original provolone is produced in Northern Italy. Provolone means "large provola". Provola is the smaller version of Provolone and is produced plain and smoked. The taste of provolone also varies. It can be piquant and sharp when aged at least 4 months, or sweet and mild which is aged under 4 months. It is well paired with Dolcetto d'alba. It is flexible use cheese and can be used in cooking or dessert.


Translations: Provolones siers, Προβολόνε, Provolonės sūris, جبن بروفولون, Проволоне, Проволон, Brânză Provolone, 프로 볼 로네, Phô mai Provolone, פרובולונה, Проволоне, プロヴォローネ, प्रोवोलोन, Queijo Provolone, 普罗卧干酪, Keju Provolone, Проволоне



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