Chickpea Flour


Chickpea flour is fine and pale yellow. Made of ground dried chickpeas/Channa dal (garbanzo beans), it is known as besan in Indian markets. It is a Gluten-Free flour high in protein. Look for bags of chickpea flour at Indian markets, specialty markets and health food stores.


Other names: Garam flour, Besan
Translations: Chickpea Milti, Sėjamasis miltai, Faina de naut, Slanutak brašno, Bột một thứ đậu, Mąka z ciecierzycy, Kikkererwten Meel, Chickpea आटा, Farinha de grão de bico, Нут Мука, Ρεβίθι Αλεύρι, طحين الحمص, Chickpea 밀가루, Cizrna Mouka, Tepung buncis, Tsikpi Flour, 鹰嘴豆面粉, Farina de cigrons, Chickpea Moka, Cícer Múka, Farina di ceci, קמח חומוס, Kikärtsmjöl, Леблебија брашно, チャナ豆の粉, Farine de pois chiche, Kichererbsenmehl, Kikærtedej, Kikert Flour, Harina de garbanzos, Нут Борошно, Kahviherne Jauhot, Нахут Брашно

Physical Description

Powdery, with an earthy flavour, it's best suited for savoury dishes.

Colors: Pale yellow

Tasting Notes

Mouthfeel: Earthy
Substitutes: Australian peas powder

Selecting and Buying

Seasonality: january, february, march, april, may, june, july, august, september, opctober, november, december
Choosing: There are two variety in market, one made from channa dal which is superior quality and one made from Australian peas which is not a besan but its substitue.



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Ashish's picture

This chickpeas flour is mainly used in namkeens in India.

Ashish's picture

This chickpeas flour is mainly used in namkeens in India