White Potato


The potato is an edible tuber native to South America and is a staple food in Ireland.

Long White potatoes are known as the all purpose potato. They have medium starch content and are valued for their versatility. The round white potatoes however are more ideal for boiling because of their low starch content.


Translations: White Kartupeļu, Baltoji bulvių, Alb de cartofi, Bijela Krumpir, Khoai tây trắng, Białych ziemniaków, Witte Aardappel, सफेद आलू, Белый картофеля, Λευκό πατάτας, البطاطا البيضاء, 감자, Bílá brambor, Putih Kentang, White patatas, 白马铃薯, Blanc de la Papa, Bela krompirja, Biela zemiakov, Bianco di patate, לבן תפוחי אדמה, Бели кромпир, ジャガイモ, Blanc de pommes de terre, Hvit Potato, Blanco de la Papa, Білий картоплі, Valkoinen Peruna, Бяла картофи



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