Laccaria Mushrooms

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Laccaria is a species of fairly recognizable white-spored mushrooms. The cap colors range from white to, more commonly, orangish brown or reddish brown--while a few species are purple.

It is a genus that has about 75 species of fungus. They are mycorrhizal.

Laccarias aren't slimy, which helps in separating them from waxy caps.

A portion of fungus in this genus:
* Laccaria amethysteo-occidentalis
* Laccaria amethystina
* Laccaria alba
* Laccaria angustilamella
* Laccaria bicolor
* Laccaria fraterna
* Laccaria gomezii
* Laccaria laccata
* Laccaria longipes
* Laccaria maritima
* Laccaria montana
* Laccaria nobilis
* Laccaria proxima
* Laccaria pseudomontana
* Laccaria pumila
* Laccaria purpureobadia
* Laccaria tetraspora
* Laccaria tortilis


Other names: Laccaria, Laccaria Genus
Translations: Laccaria Sēnes, Dvispalvė Grybai, Laccaria Ciuperci, Gljive Laccaria, Nấm Laccaria, Laccaria Grzyby, Laccaria Paddestoelen, Laccaria मशरूम, Laccaria Cogumelos, Грибы Laccaria, Laccaria Μανιτάρια, Laccaria الفطر, Laccaria 버섯, Laccaria Houby, Лаццариа Печурке, Laccaria mushrooms, 红蜡蘑菇, Bolets Laccaria, Laccaria Gobe, Laccaria Huby, Laccaria Funghi, Laccaria פטריות, Laccaria Svampar, Laccaria Jamur, キツネキノコ, Laccaria Champignons, Laccaria Pilze, Laccaria Svampe, Laccaria sopper, Setas Laccaria, Гриби Laccaria, Laccaria Sienet, Laccaria гъби


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