Fenugreek is a spice popular in Indian cooking. The seeds are used to flavor dishes in the form of curry or paste, while the leaves and shoots are made into salads.

Toasted fenugreek seeds have an aromatic bitter flavor, with a hint of sweetness. They are often used as an element in artificial maple syrup flavoring.


Other names: Methi, Methi Seeds
Translations: Grieķu trigonellu, Vaistinė ožragė, Schinduful, Pjeskavica, Cây hồ lô ba, Kozieradka, Fenegriek, मेथी, Fenacho, Пажитник, Τριγωνέλλα, حلبة نبات, 호로파, Pískavice, 胡芦巴, Fenogrec, Triplat, Pískavice, Fieno greco, חלבה, Bockhornsklöver, Пескавица, フェヌグリーク, Fenugrec, Bockshornklee, Bukkehorn, Fenogreco, Гуньба, Sarviapila, Тилчец

Tasting Notes

Flavors: "curry" flavour
Food complements: Pork, Spinach, Mustard greens, Gram flour



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