Silkie Black Chicken


Breed of chicken with black skin and bones with a grayish meat. Prized in China for its porported medicinal properties, especially for women. Available frozen in Asian markets in the United states. Usually served in a soup beause the meat can be tough and a bit gamey.

Other recommended preparations include braises and curries.


Other names: Silky Black Chicken, Siklie Black Chickens, Black Chickens, Silkie, Silkies, Cursed Chicken
Translations: Silkie Black Vistas, Silkie Juodosios vištienos, Silkie negru de pui, Silkie Black kurczaka, Zijdehoen Zwarte Kip, Silkie काले चिकन, Silkie galinha preta, Силки черный цыпленок, Silkie Black Κοτόπουλο, Silkie الدجاج الأسود, Silkie 블랙 치킨, Silkie černé kuře, Silkie Ayam Hitam, Silkie Black Manok, 乌骨鸡黑鸡, Silki Negre Pollastre, Silkie čierne kurča, Silkie pollo nero, Silkie שחור עוף, Силкие Црна Пилеће, アザラシブラックチキン, Silkie poulet noir, Silkie Black Kylling, Silkie Negro Pollo, Шовковистий чорний курча, Silkie Musta Kana, Silkie Черно пиле

Tasting Notes

Substitutes: Chicken



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