Alligator meat tastes similar to chicken or mild white fish. Tail meat is white and tender while body meat is somewhat tougher and darker. It is usually sold frozen as tail steak, stew meat, burger, wings (legs), or sausage.


Other names: Crocodile, تمساح إستوائي
Translations: Aligators, Aligator, Aligator, Cá sấu, Aligator, घडि़याल, Jacaré, Крокодил, Αλλιγάτορας, تمساح إستوائي, 악어, Aligátor, Buaya, Buwaya, 鳄鱼, Caiman, Aligator, Aligátor, Alligatore, תנין, Алигатор, アリゲーター, Caimán, Крокодил, Alligaattori, Алигатор

Tasting Notes

Substitutes: Crocodile tail meat, Turtle meat, Chicken breast, Swordfish


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