Rock Salt


Rock salt is the common name of halite, the mineral form of sodium chloride, also known as ice cream salt. Although many people believe that rock salt should not be confused with regular table salt, they are in fact the same substance, the main difference being the size of the crystals and the presence of other substances (like iodine) added during the refining process of the later.


Translations: Akmeņsāls, Akmens druska, Sare gemă, Kamena sol, Muối đá, Salt Rock, Steenzout, सेंधा नमक, Salt Rock, Каменная соль, صخرة ملح, 락 솔트, Garam batu, Asing bato, 矿盐, La roca de sal, Salt Rock, הסלע מלח, Камена со, 岩塩, Steinsalz, La roca de sal, Кам'яна сіль, Vuorisuola, Каменна сол



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