Pomegranate Juice


I keep Pomegranate juice in my refrigerator and add it to a glass of water regularly for the taste and antioxidant benefits.


Ifound another great use for this juice!   Last night I was making a fresh tomatoe sauce for pasta, the tomatoes weren't that flavorful and the sauce needed a boost.   I would usually add sugar and vinegar for a sweet and tangy boost, but didn't feel like adding sugar to my nice sauce. 


I poured in a couple of tablespoons of pomegranate juice and the flavor popped!   It added just the tart and sweet boost my sauce needed, as well as a little more complex flavor!


Translations: Granātābolu sula, Granatai sultys, De rodii, Sok od šipka, Nước ép quả lựu, Granat Juice, Granaatappelsap, अनार का रस, Suco de romã, Гранатовый сок, Χυμός ροδιού, عصير الرمان, 석류 쥬스, Šťávu z granátových jablek, Нар сока, Granada juice, 石榴汁, De suc de magrana, Sok granatnega jabolka, Šťavu z granátových jabĺk, Succo di melograno, מיץ רימונים, Granatäpple Juice, Jus delima, ザクロ果汁, Jus de grenade, Granatapfelsaft, Granatæble Juice, Granateple Juice, De jugo de granada, Гранатовий сік, Granaattiomenamehun, Нар сок


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