Ocean Pout


The ocean pout is an eel-like fish that grows in very cold waters of the North Atlantic. Said to have very sweet meat and it has few bones, but is not a popular commercial fish. This is partially because of it's appearance and also due to parasitic outbreaks in the mid-twentieth century.
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Other names: Pout, Eelpout; Congo Eel; Muttonfish
Translations: Lucīši, Vandenyno menkutė, Oceanul merluciu, Ocean pućiti, महासागर पोटा, Океан Pout, Ocean σύκο, المحيط العبوس, 오션 입술을 삐쭉 거리다, Slimule, Samudera mencibir, Ocean pagsimangot, 大洋波特, Oceà mòllera, Ocean moliča, Slimule, האוקיינוס שרבוט, Ocean Skäggtorsk, Океан Поут, オーシャンパウト, Pout l'océan, Aalmutter, Ocean ålekvabbe, Océano faneca, Океан Pout, Ocean Harmaaturska, Океан паут



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