Spearmint (Mentha Spicata) is an herb from the mint family. It got its name from the shape of the leaves, the pointed spear-like tips and serrated edges.

The flavor is often described as cool and refreshing.

Spearmint is used to extract spearmint oil which is used in alternative medicine. Dried leaves make a nice herbal tea.


Other names:
Translations: Krūzmētra, Šaltmėtė, Mentă creaţă, Zelena metvica, Bạc hà lục, Mięta, Munt, एक प्रकार का पुदीना, Hortelã, Мята, Δυόσμος, نعنع, 녹양 박하, Máta peprná, Spermin, Yerbabuwena, 薄荷, Menta verda, Mäta pieporná, Menta verde, נענע, Grönmynta, Мента, スペアミント, Menthe verte, Grüne Minze, Mynte, Peppermynte, Menta verde, М'ята, Minttu, Градинска мента



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