Pitmaston Pineapple Apple


PITMASTON PINEAPPLE has the synonyms: Pitmaston, Pineapple, Pineapple Pippin, Pitmaston Pine and Reinette d'Ananas. Likely, a seedling of Golden Pippin grown in 1785 at Whitley, England, by a Mr. White, who was steward to Lord Foley. It was introduced by the nursery Williams of Pitmaston, England. It is a class of old, russeted, English dessert apples, between 1 to 2 inches in diameter, and very sweet and highly aromatic. Usually conical in shape, it is a golden-yellow covered with a fine, fawn-russet, and the yellow flesh is juicy and sugary with a rich, pineapple-like flavor. Its flavor is sometimes described as honey-like. The skin is covered with conspicuous russet dot lenticels and is very dry. It ripens in late September.


Other names: Pitmaston, Pineapple Pippin, Pitmaston Pine and Reinette D'ananas
Translations: Pitmaston Ananasu Apple, Pitmaston Ananasų Apple, Pitmaston Ananas Apple, Dứa Pitmaston Apple, Apple Pineapple Pitmaston, एप्पल Pitmaston अनानस, Pitmaston Apple Abacaxi, Питмастон Ананас Apple, Pitmaston Apple Ανανάς, Pitmaston الأناناس أبل, Pitmaston의 파인애플 애플, Pitmaston Ananas Apple, Nanas Pitmaston Apple, Pitmaston pinya Apple, 皮马斯顿菠萝苹果, Pitmaston Apple Pinya, Pitmaston Ananás Apple, Pitmaston Ananas Apple, Pitmaston אפל אננס, Питмастон Ананас јабука, ピットマストンパイナップルアップル, Apple ananas Pitmaston, Pitmaston Apple Piña, Пітмастон Ананас Apple, Pitmaston Ananas Apple, Pitmaston Ананас Apple



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