Mustard Oil


Mustard Oil is the oil of the mustard seed, and is usually used in stir-frys. It's scent is strong and irritating like wasabi and has a hot and nutty taste.

It is used in South Asian countries, in Northern India it is used mainly to fry fritters. In other parts of IndiaThe Bengalese use it mostly for cooking.

Mustard oil nutrional make up is: 60%% monounsaturated fatty acids of which 42%% erucic acid and 12%% oleic acid, it has 21%% polyunsaturates of which 6%% is the omega-3 alpha-linolenic acid and 15%% omega-6 linoleic acid and it has 12%% saturated fats.


Other names: শরষের তেল Shorsher Tel, सरसो तेल, Mustard Seed Oil, ఆవ నూనె
Translations: Sinepju eļļa, Garstyčių aliejus, Ulei de muştar, Senfa ulje, Dầu mù tạc, Olej z gorczycy, Mosterdolie, सरसों का तेल, Óleo de Mostarda, Горчичное масло, Μουστάρδα πετρελαίου, الخردل النفط, 겨자 기름, Hořčičný olej, Minyak Mustard, Mustasa Langis, 芥末油, Oli de mostassa, Gorčično olje, Horčicový olej, Olio di senape, חרדל שמן, Senapsolja, Сенф уље, マスタードオイル, Moutarde, Senföl, Sennep Oil, Sennep olje, Aceite de mostaza, Гірчичне масло, Sinappiöljy, Синапено масло



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