Beef Round


Beef Round is a very lean cut of meat that is less tender than other cuts and mostly used for braising and roasting.

It must be roasted at low temperatures for long periods of time, so that the beef's own moisture can help to dissolve the collagen. Due its leanness, Beef Round is best roasted rare to prevent dryness.


Translations: Liellopu Round, Jautienos raundo, Runda de carne de vită, Govedina kolo, Vòng thịt bò, Beef ronde, गोमांस दौर, Carne Redonda, Бедро, Βοείου κρέατος του Γύρου, جولة لحوم البقر, 쇠고기 라운드, Hovězí kola, Round karne ng baka, 牛肉回合, Carn de Ronda, Goveje meso krog, Hovädzie kola, Manzo Round, בקר עגול, Nötkött rundan, Говеђа коло, ビーフラウンド, Boeuf ronde, Beef-Runde, Oksekød runde, Beef runde, Carne de Ronda, Стегно, Naudanliha kierroksen, Говеждо кръг



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