Veal Breast


Veal breast lies between the shoulder section, above and the plate beneath. It is fatty, tough, and coarse-grained, but can be quite flavorful.

Veal cuts:

Veal breast roast - with or without bones, this is commonly stuffed and used for roasting
Veal riblets - similar to beef short ribs


Other names: Breast Roast, Brisket, Flank
Translations: Teļa krūts, Veršienos krūties, Mânzat de sân, Teleća prsa, Veal vú, Cielęciny piersi, Kalfsvlees Borst, वील स्तन, Peito bovino, Телятина груди, Μοσχαράκι Μαστού, لحم العجل الثدي, 송아지 유방, Telecí prsa, Daging sapi muda Payudara, Karne ng usa dibdib, 韦乳腺癌, Vedella de mama, Telečje prsi, Teľacie prsia, Petto di vitello, עגל חלב, Kalvkött Bröst, Телетина груди, 仔牛乳, Poitrine de veau, Kalbsbrust, Kalvekød Breast, Kalv Bryst, Ternera de mama, Телятина грудей, Veal Rintojen, Телешки гърди



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