Cinnamon Stick


Cinnamon is possibly the most common baking spice, and is used in cakes, cookies, and desserts throughout the world. Cinnamon is also used in savory chicken and lamb dishes from the Middle East. In American cooking, Cinnamon is often paired with apples and used in other fruit and cereal dishes. 3" to 4" Stick Cinnamon is used in pickling and for flavoring hot beverages. Cinnamon has a sweet, woody fragrance in both ground and stick forms.

For a fragrant pilaf, cook rice in Cinnamon flavored broth and stir in chopped dried fruit and toasted nuts. The sweetspicy flavor of Cinnamon enhances the taste of vegetables and fruits. Cinnamon is a perfect partner for chocolate; use it in any chocolate dessert or drink. It is used to mellow the tartness of apple pie. Ground Cinnamon should not be added to boiling liquids; the liquid may become stringy and the Cinnamon will lose flavor.


Other names: Cinna Sticks, Cinnastix, cinnamon
Translations: Kanēlis Stick, Cinamonas Stick, Scorţişoară Stick, Cimet, Quế Stick, Cynamon Stick, Kaneelstokje, दालचीनी छड़ी, Корица Stick, Κανέλα Stick, القرفة عصا, 계피 스틱, Skořice Stick, Kanela stick, 肉桂棒, Raja de canyella, Cimet Stick, Škorica Stick, Bastoncino di cannella, מקל קינמון, Kanelstång, Цимет Стицк, シナモンスティック, Bâton de cannelle, Kanel Stick, Raja de canela, Кориця Stick, Kanelitanko, Канела Stick

Physical Description

Cinnamon sticks are typically sold in glass jars. They are brown in color, composed of rolled bark, and are fairly hard, but easily broken and are no longer than an index finger. Cinnamon sticks emit a fairly strong smell of cinnamon as well.

Colors: Dark brown with light brown freckling

Tasting Notes

Flavors: Sweet
Mouthfeel: Hard, Crunchy, Spicy
Food complements: Chocolate, Cake, Cookies, Cream, Seafood, Chicken, Citrus, Salt, Sugar, Beef, Lamb
Beverage complements: Milk, Tea, Coffee, Hot chocolate, Apple cider
Substitutes: Ground cinnamon

Selecting and Buying

Choosing: Look for cinnamon sticks that are not broken and appear to be in an orderly and fresh condition.
Buying: Cinnamon Sticks are available in most grocery stores, usually near the ground cinnamon. Purchase from stores with a high turnover for the freshest spices.

Most cinnamon sticks available in the grocery store are composed of Korintje (or Indonesian) cinnamon, but other varieties may be available at specialty markets.

Preparation and Use

Left whole, cinnamon sticks can be used as a decorative garnish, used as a stirring stick for warm drinks, or used to infuse hot liquids; remove before consuming. They can also be grated or ground for use in recipes, from sweet baked goods to savory ethnic foods.

Cleaning: There is no cleaning necessary for Cinnamon Sticks.

Conserving and Storing

As a whole spice, cinnamon sticks store well for long periods. The ideal condition for storing all spices is cool, dark, and low humidity.


History: Cinnamon has been valued since antiquity.



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