Striped Bass


The Striped bass is a marine food and gamefish with dark longitudinal stripes; it migrates upriver to spawn. They are native to the atlantic coastline of North America and is one of the most sought-after fish.

The meat of the striped bass is between meaty and flaky, the texture like a swordfish and tuna. It is very versatile, they can handle almost any kind of cooking, from grilling, frying, and poaching.


Other names: Rockfish
Translations: Svītrainais asaris, Ριγέ Bass, Striped bass, مقلم باس, Juovabassi, ストライプバス, 줄무늬 농어, Sọc Bass, בס מפוספס, Полосатый окунь, Guhit Bass, धारीदार बास, Смугастий окунь, 条纹鲈, Strimmig havsabborre, Стрипед басс, Раиран костур



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