Asiago- جبنة آزياغو


An Italian DOP (Denominazione di Origine Protetta, or Protected Designation of Origin) sharp cheese that, depending on the length of aging, can range from smooth (Asiago Pressato) to crumbly (Asiago d'allevo). The more aged Asiago resembles Parmesan and is often grated onto pasta and salads, the fresh variety is typically sliced and used in sandwiches or melted. The Alpine milk used to make this cheese is what makes it a special and healthy cheese. Alpine meadows have a large variety of medicinal plants, grass species,and flowers all of which gives the milk a better taste with a higher protein content. Asiago is paired well with pasta, rice, pizza, and soup. It is also served with bread, salami, and fresh figs or pears. It also goes well with many beverages such as cranberry juice, red wine, and sparkling grape juice.


Other names: Asiago Pressato, Asiago D'allevo
Translations: アジアーゴ, 티노 공세, Асиаго, Асіаго, 阿夏戈, Азиаго

Tasting Notes

Substitutes: Parmesan, Romano



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