Truffle refers to two different distinct items of food. One is a fungus found in Europe. These truffles are costly and have a strong and distinctive flavor. Because of their cost they often are used to flavor oils that are then added to dishes. The second type of truffle is a candy usually a hand made chocolate with a flavored center.


Translations: Trifele, Triufelis, Trufă, Tartuf, Nấm cục, Trufla, Truffel, Trøffel, Trufa, Трюфель, Ύτανο, الكمأة, 트뤼플, Lanýž, Trupel, 松露, Tòfona, Tartufov, Hľuzovka, Tartufo, כמהה, Tryffel, Тартуф, トリュフ, Truffe, Trüffel, Trøffel, Trufa, Трюфель, Tryffeli



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