New Potato


New potatoes are immature potatoes harvested during the spring or summer, sometimes called creamers. New potatoes are not a separate variety of potato, but younger versions of other varieties. The skin of new potatoes is generally thinner than the skin found on older potatoes. For this reason, new potatoes are rarely peeled before cooking.


Other names: New Potatoes
Translations: Jauno kartupeļu, Naujos bulvių, Cartofi noi, Novi Krumpir, New khoai tây, Nowych ziemniaków, Nieuwe Aardappel, नया आलू, Новые картофеля, Νέο πατάτας, بطاطس جديدة, 새로운 감자, Nové brambory, Kentang Baru, Bagong patatas, 马铃薯新, Nou Papa, Nové zemiaky, Nuova patata, ניו תפוחי אדמה, Färskpotatis, Нови кромпир, 新ジャガ, Pommes de terre nouvelles, Ny Potato, Nye Potato, Nuevo Papa, Нові картоплі, Uusi peruna, Нови картофи

Physical Description

Colors: Tan, Pale Yellow, Red or Purple

Tasting Notes

Flavors: Sweet, starchy
Mouthfeel: Waxy, Mealy
Food complements: Meat, Cheese, Butter, Cream, Carrots
Beverage complements: Milk, Beer, Tea
Substitutes: Potatoes, Sweet potatoes

Selecting and Buying

Choosing: Choose firm potatoes with no eyes and no green spots. Avoid potatoes that feel soft or rubbery. The greenery of potatoes can be poisonous, never eat the greens, leaves, or any part of a potato other than the tuber.

Preparation and Use

The peel of new potatoes is thin and tender, so generally peeling is not required. Many varieties of potatoes have brightly colored red or purple skin, and cooking with the peel intact can add a festive color to a dish.

Cleaning: Use a scrub brush and or vegetable spray. Because potatoes grow underground, it has been suggested that they are more susceptible to contamination from pesticides and herbicides, so clean thoroughly and/ or buy organic potatoes.

Conserving and Storing

Store in a cool dark root cellar or pantry. Avoid contact with any sunlight. Should keep for a long time, much like mature potatoes.

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