Ice Cream


Popular frozen dessert made with eggs, sugar, milk, and flavoring. Wide varitey of flavors sold in stores or you may make your own at home using an ice cream machine or churn and a special freezer designed for ice cream.


Other names: Ice-Cream, Sorbet, Frozen Custard, ice milk, Frozen Yogurt
Translations: Saldējums, Ledai, Îngheţată, Sladoled, Kem, Ijs, आइसक्रीम, Мороженое, آيس كريم, 아이스크림, Zmrzlina, Es krim, Surbetes, 冰淇淋, Gelat, Zmrzlina, Gelato, גלידה, Glass, Сладолед, アイスクリーム, Eis, Is, Iskrem, Helado, Морозиво, Jäätelö, Сладолед

Physical Description

Colors: Comes in a multitude of colors -depending on the flavor & ingredients

Tasting Notes

Flavors: sweet and creamy
Mouthfeel: Cold, Soft, Creamy, Sweet, Delicate
Food complements: Chocolate, Cake, Cookies, Soda, Pie
Wine complements: Port, Muscat, Marsala, Desert wines
Beverage complements: Milk, Soda water, Kahlua, Port, Fruit liquors
Substitutes: Soy ice cream, Frozen yogurt, Ice milk, Sorbet, Gelato

Selecting and Buying

Choosing: Buying Ice cream is easy to do because Ice cream existed long time ago so it is basically a common knowledge to every person. Before buying Ice cream, decide first which flavor you want. There are hundreds of flavors out there and all of them are confusing to buy. Also check for expiration date. Do not buy Ice cream with broken or damaged containers.
Buying: You can buy Ice cream at any supermarkets. There are also Ice cream parlor that you can enjoy everywhere.

Preparation and Use

Use Ice cream as a desert. It can also be used for some exotic dish. Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto use Ice cream as part if his dish in some episode of Iron Chef.

Cleaning: Not necessary

Conserving and Storing

Freeze Ice cream before and after opening.


Ice cream socials are the perfect summer gathering. They're a place where people can get together to ejnoy in this cool confection.

History: The origins of ice cream can be traced back to at least the 4th century B.C. Early references include the Roman emperor Nero (A.D. 37-68) who ordered ice to be brought from the mountains and combined with fruit toppings, and King Tang (A.D. 618-97) of Shang, China who had a method of creating ice and milk concoctions. Ice cream was likely brought from China back to Europe. Over time, recipes for ices, sherbets, and milk ices evolved and served in the fashionable Italian and French royal courts.

After the dessert was imported to the United States, it was served by several famous Americans. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson served it to their guests. In 1700, Governor Bladen of Maryland was recorded as having served it to his guests. In 1774, a London caterer named Philip Lenzi announced in a New York newspaper that he would be offering for sale various confections, including ice cream. Dolly Madison served it in 1812.



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