Colby Cheese


A hard ripened, cured cheese with a firm texture originating in the United States. Colby Cheese is similar in taste to a very mild cheddar and can be eaten as is or used in pizza, salads and snacks.


Translations: Colby Siers, Colby Sūriai, Colby Brânză, Colby sira, Colby Kaas, Colby पनीर, Colby Queijo, Колби сыра, Colby Τυρί, كولبي الجبن, 콜비 치즈, Colby Sýry, 科尔比奶酪, Formatge Colby, Colby Sir, Colby Syry, Colby Formaggio, קולבי גבינה, Colby Ost, Цолби сир, コルビーチーズ, Colby fromage, Queso Colby, Колбі сиру, Colby Juusto, Колби сирене

Tasting Notes

Substitutes: Monterey jack cheese, Cheddar, Cheshire, American cheese



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