Hot Dog


A hotdog is a sausage served on a soft roll or a bun with condiments like pickle relish, ketchup, sauerkraut, and mustard. Hotdogs are slightly smaller than the conventional sausage, and are cooked before they are packed. The main ingredients are usually pork or beef, but there are other varieties like turkey dogs, chicken dogs, and even tofu dogs.


Other names: Weiners, Frankfurters
Translations: Cīsiņš, Dešrainis, Hot dog, Hot dog, Bánh xúc xích, Hot dog, Hotdog, हॉट डॉग, Хот-дог, Χοτ-ντογκ, هوت دوج, 핫도그, Párek v rohlíku, Hot dog, Hotdog, 热狗, Párok v rožku, נקניקיה, Varmkorv, Хотдог, ホットドッグ, Hotdog, Hot dog / pølse i brød, Хот-дог, Hot dog, Хот-дог


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