Sodium alginate is a flavorless gum that is extracted from brown algae. It can be used to thicken foods, similar to a gelatin. More recently it has become a featured ingredient in the "molecular gastronomy" movement, especially in the production of liquid filled spheres or balls.


Other names: Sodium Alginate
Translations: Algināta, Alginato, Alginat, Alginata, Alginianu, Alginaat, Alginat, Alginato, Альгинат, Αλγινικό, الجينات, 알긴산, Alginát, Alginat, 海藻酸钠, Alginat, Alginata, Alginát, Alginato, Alginat, Алгинате, アルギン酸, Alginat, Alginat, Alginato, Альгінат, Alginaatti, Алгинат

Tasting Notes

Substitutes: Gelatin

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