Sockeye Salmon


Sockeye Salmon also known as red or blueback salmon is one of the smaller of the Salmon species and is prized for their bright orange meat, which they get from their diet of orange krill in the ocean.

Sockeye Salmon is considered more flavorful and firmer in texture than Coho Salmon.


Other names: Blueback Salmon, Red Salmon
Translations: Sockeye Somon, Sockeye lososa, Łosoś nerka, Sockeye Zalm, Annet Laks osv, Salmões, Нерки, سمك السلمون السلمون الأحمر, Sockeye 연어, Losos nerka, 红鲑, Sockeye Salmón, Losos nerka, Sockeye Salmone, Sockeye שלמון, Sockeye Lax, Соцкеие салмон, 紅鮭, Saumon rouge, जो आनंद ले Salmon, Sockeye Salmó, Нерки, Sockeye Lohi, Вид сьомга сьомга



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