Spicy Globe Basil


Spicy globe basil is a green herb that grows in a ball-like shape with smaller leaves than other varieties, but with the same strength of flavor. It is great for the garden.

The leaves and stems tend to be smaller and more tender than its larger leaved relatives, cutting down on the time needed for slicing or chopping before adding them to your favored recipes.


Other names: Greek Basil, Spicy Bush Basil
Translations: Picante Globul de Vasile, Spicy globus Basil, Quả cầu cay Basil, Bazylia Globe Spicy, मसालेदार ग्लोब तुलसी, Spicy Basil Globo, Пикантный глобус Василия, Πικάντικες Βασίλης Globe, حار غلوب باسل, 매운 글로브 바질, Pikantní Globe Basil, Globe Spicy Basil, Spicy Basil Globe, 辣全球巴西尔, Picant Basilio Globe, Začinjene Globe Basil, Pikantné Globe Basil, Spicy Globe Basilio, ספייסי בזיל גלוב, Пикантних глобус Василије, スパイシーグローブバジル, Basil Globe Spicy, Spicy Basil Globe, Picante Basilio Globe, Пікантний глобус Василя, Пикантни Globe Василий

Physical Description

The leaves are smaller than a standard basil, and the plant forms a tight little bush.

Grows 8-12” and produces ¼-1/2” green leaves and small white flowers.

Colors: Green, white.

Tasting Notes

Flavors: Standard sweet basil taste, with a tiny bit of heat or zest to it.
Food complements: Its spicy basil flavor is a complement to any tomato dish. great addition to your sauces or pestos. this variety of basil could also be used to complement sage in a dish.
Substitutes: Larger leaved basils

Selecting and Buying

Seasonality: april, may, june, july, august, september
Peak: april, may, june, july
Choosing: Choose herbs that are fragrant with tender stems and vibrant, lively looking leaves.
Buying: Spicy globe basil can be found in farmers' markets, and in larger chain-stores or super markets.
Procuring: A warm season annual, basil should be planted after the last spring frost in soil that is light, well drained, but still moist. Basil prefers full sun to grow. Due to the size of this plant, and its compact nature, spicy globe basil is an excellent choice for smaller gardens, or container gardens.

Preparation and Use

Cleaning: Thoroughly rinse store bought basil under cold running water on low.

Conserving and Storing

Dried basil will keep its flavor for around six months in an airtight container.
Fresh basil should be kept wrapped in paper towels, and inside a zip-top plastic bag in the refrigerator.

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