Tabasco Sauce


Tabasco sauce is a spicy hot condiment made of tabasco peppers, vinegar, and salt. The tabasco red pepper sauce brand is legendary among hot sauces, with a Scovile scale rating of 2,500-5,000.


Other names: Tabasco, Hot Sauce, Red Pepper Sauce
Translations: Tabasco mērce, Tabasco padažas, Tabasco Sos, Tabasco umak, Sốt Tabasco, Tabasco, टबैस्को सॉस, Σάλτσα Tabasco, صلصة تاباسكو, 타바스코 소스, Tabasco omáčka, Табаско сос, Tabasco sarsa, 塔巴斯科酱, Salsa Tabasco, Tabasco omaka, Tabasco omáčka, Salsa Tabasco, רוטב טבסקו, Tabasco sås, Saus Tabasco, タバスコソース, Sauce Tabasco, Tabasco-Sauce, Tabasco saus, Salsa Tabasco, Tabasco kastike, Табаско сос



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