Yellow Mustard Seed


Yellow mustard contains more fiber and less oil than brown mustard. Like brown mustard, it contains about 1%% sinigrin (allylglucosinolate), which is converted to the hot and pungent allyl isothiocyanate by the action of the enzyme myrosinase.

This mustard is used in Salsa for eye appealing and flavour.


Other names: Mustard
Translations: Dzeltena Sinepju sēklas, Geltona Garstyčių sėklos, Galben Muştar, Žuta gorušičino, Żółte nasiona gorczycy, Geel Mustard Seed, पीले सरसों के बीज, Mostarda Amarela, Желтые семенами горчицы, Κίτρινο σπόρους μουστάρδας, أصفر بذور الخردل., 노란 겨자씨, Žlutá bylinkovým máslem pečený, Жута слачице семе, Yellow mustasa Buto, 黄色芥菜籽, Llavor de Mostassa groga, Rumene gorčično seme, Žltá bylinkovým maslom pečený, Mustard Seed Giallo, חרדל צהוב זרע, Gul Senapsfrön, Kuning Mustard Seed, イエローマスタードシード, Graine de moutarde jaune, Gul Sennep Seed, Gul Mustard Seed, Semilla de Mostaza amarilla, Жовті насінням гірчиці, Keltainen sinapinsiemen, Жълти синапено семе

Physical Description

small round seeds

Colors: yellow

Tasting Notes

Flavors: spicy
Mouthfeel: Sharp
Substitutes: Brown mustard

Selecting and Buying

Seasonality: january, february, march, april, may, june, july, august, september, opctober, november, december



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