The Whitefish may refer to many types of fish with white flesh.

The common whitefish (Coregonus Lavaretus) is a fresh water fish and a member of the salmon family. It is common in the Russian Arctic lakes.

The caviar of the whitefish is sold in Finland as an alternative to Sturgeon caviar.


Other names: The Common Whitefish, Lavaret, Powan
Translations: Sīga, Sykas, Peşte alb, Bjelica, Cá lạt, Sieja, Witte vis, व्हाइटफ़िश, Pescada, Сиг, السمك الأبيض, 송어, Síh, Ikan putih, Puting isda, 白鱼, Peix blanc, Ozimice, Síh, וייטפיש, Sik, Белица, ホワイトフィッシュ, Poisson blanc, Felchen, Sik, Pescado blanco, Сиг, Siika, Бяла риба



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