Bread Stuffing


A mixture used to stuff poultry, fish, meat and some vegetables. It can be cooked separately or in the food in which it is stuffed.


Translations: Maizes pildījums, Duonos įdaras, Paine garnitura de, Kruh nadev, Chleb Napełniacz, Brood Vulling, रोटी भराई, Хлеба фарш, Ψωμί Stuffing, الخبز الحشوة, 빵 먹을래, Chléb nádivkou, Roti Stuffing, Tinapay palaman, 面包填料, Farciment de pa, Kruh nadev, Chlieb plnkou, Pane Ripieno, מלית לחם, Bröd Stuffing, Хлеб надев, パンの詰め物, Pain Farce, Brød Fyld, Brød Stuffing, Relleno de pan, Хліба фарш, Leipä täytteenä, Хляб плънка



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