Camembert Cheese


A soft ripened French cheese ripened by mold and made into flat round shapes, and covered with a crust. Camembert cheese is creamy and flavorful when ripe, and is served as a dessert cheese.


Translations: Kamambēra siers, Camembert Sūriai, Camembert Cascaval, Camembert, Sera camembert, Camembert, कैमेम्बर्ट पनीर, Queijo Camembert, Камамбер, Τυρί Camembert, جبن جبن الكممبير, 카망베르 치즈, Hermelín, Keju Camembert Keju, 卡门培尔奶酪, Formatge Camembert, Camembert Sir, Hermelín, Camembert Formaggio, קממבר גבינה, Camembert Ost, Цамемберт сир, カマンベールチーズ, Camembert, Camembert, Camembert Ost, Queso Camembert, Камамбер, Camembert juustoa, Камамбер

Tasting Notes

Substitutes: Brie, Explorateur, Reblochon



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