Bosc Pear


Bosc Pears are typically harvested in the winter and are a slender necked pear that is dusty yellow in color. You can typically find Bosc pears available at your local supermarket from October all the way through April. It has a tangy sweet flavor and does well under cooking conditions. It has a rigid skin that is capable of maintaining its shape under the cooking conditions.


Translations: Bosc Bumbieru, Bosc kriaušės, Bosc Kruška, Bosc Gruszka, Bosc नाशपाती, Груша Боск, Bosc Αχλάδι, Bosc الكمثرى, Bosc 배, Bosc Hruška, Bosc peras, 博斯克梨, Pera Bosc, Bosc Hruška, אגס בוסק, Босц Крушка, ボスクペア, Bosc Poire, Bosc Birnen, Bosc Pære, Pera Bosc, Груша Боск, Bosc Päärynä



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