Indian Cayenne Pepper


Cayenne pepper is a finely ground powder prepared from the seeds and pods of various types of chilli. Cayenne pepper can be used as a spice in cooking; or as a condiment at table, generally with seafoods. Chiles were long known as 'Indian' pepper - meaning 'of the New World' rather than 'of India'.


Other names: Cayenne
Translations: Indijas Cayenne Pepper, Indijos Juodieji pipirai, Indijski crvena paprika, Ấn Độ Cayenne Pepper, Pieprz Cayenne Indian, Indische cayennepeper, भारतीय लाल मिर्च, Cayenne pimenta indiana, Индийский Перец Cayenne, Ινδικό Πιπέρι Καγιέν, كايين الفلفل الهندي, 인도의 카이엔 페퍼, Indický kajenský pepř, India Cayenne Pepper, 印度卡宴辣椒, Pebre Caiena Índia, Indijski Cayenne Pepper, Indický kajenské korenie, Cayenne Pepper indiano, קאיין ההודי פפר, Indiska cayennepeppar, Индијски црвена паприка, インドカイエンヌペッパー, Poivre de Cayenne indiennes, Indiske Cayenne Pepper, Pimienta Cayena India, Індійський Перець Cayenne, Intian Cayennepippuri, Индийски лют червен пипер



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