Mineral Water

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Water with dissolved minerals, either naturally occurring or added. Common minerals include calcium carbonate, magnesium sulfate, potassium, and sodium sulfate. The minerals change the flavor of the water giving it a slightly saltier profile. Said to be "soft," minerals also affect the way water feels on the skin and tongue.


Translations: Minerālūdens, Mineralinis vanduo, Apă minerală, Mineralna voda, Nước khoáng, Woda mineralna, Mineraalwater, मिनरल वॉटर, Água Mineral, Минеральная вода, Μεταλλικό Νερό, ماء معدني, 미네랄 워터, Minerálka, Air mineral, Mineral na tubig, 矿泉水, Aigua mineral, Mineralna voda, Minerálka, Acqua Minerale, מים מינרליים, Mineralvatten, Минерална вода, ミネラルウォーター, Eau minérale, Mineralwasser, Mineralvand, Mineralvann, Agua mineral, Мінеральна вода, Kivennäisvesi, Минерална вода

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