Moschofilero Grape


Moschofilero grapes are a type of Greek white wine grape variety used to make a strongly perfumed white wine. Wines produced from these grapes are called Blanc de gris and have a very aromatic, floral flavor reminiscent of roses and violets with a hint of spice.


Other names: Moscofilero, Or Moscophilero, Moschophilero
Translations: Moschofilero Vīnogu, Moschofilero Vynuogių, Moschofilero de struguri, Moschofilero grožđa, Moschofilero nho, Moschofilero अंगूर, Moschofilero Uva, Moschofilero винограда, Μοσχοφίλερο σταφυλιού, Moschofilero العنب, Moschofilero 포도, Moschofilero Hroznová, Moschofilero ubas, Moschofilero葡萄, Moschofilero raïm, Moschofilero Hroznová, Moschofilero Uva, Moschofilero ענבים, Мосцхофилеро грожђа, Moschofileroグレープ, Moschofilero raisin, Moschofilero uva, Moschofilero винограду, Moschofilero Гроздова

Physical Description

The grape itself is a deep pink-skinned rosy grape, or can also be grayish. The wine it produces is a white wine.

Colors: Pink, rosy, grey

Tasting Notes

Flavors: Spicy, floral
Mouthfeel: Bold
Food complements: Fish, Salads
Wine complements: Drink this wine before a meal, And a lighter white wine with the meal
Substitutes: Muskat wine

Selecting and Buying

Choosing: The wine grows best in Greece, so make sure the bottle is from a Greek winery (which it most likely will be). Also look for one from the Peloponnese area, specifically the plateau of Mantinia.
Buying: Since they are local to Greece, availability may be limited outside of the country, so consider consulting your local wine store or ordering on line.
Procuring: The Moscofilero grape is one that gets ripe late in the season and is harvested in October. It grows best at an altitude in cooler temperatures, as hot weather can be damaging to it. Cool fermentation with skin contact in stainless steel vats.

Preparation and Use

Uncork, let rest for half an hour, then drink up!

Conserving and Storing

Store in its wine bottle, re-corked - preferably by using a system that removes the air from the bottle for the longest shelf life. Can store in the refrigerator or counter top. For unopened bottles, store in a wine rack in a cool, dry and dark place.


The grape is grown, primarily to make wine, in Greece, especially the Peloponnese area and the plateau of Mantinia.

History: The best Moschofilero wines come from the region of Mantinia in Greece, which procduces just 5% of total Greek production. The vineyards are placed at an altitude of over 2,000 feet. The wine was part of the recent Greek Wine Renaissance.

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