Filé Powder


Filé is a spicy herb made from powdered sassafras leaves.  It's a common ingredient used in Cajun and Creole cooking as a flavoring agent and thickener. It's flavor is described as distinctive and earthy. 


Other names: Filé, Gumbo Filé, Sassafras Powder
Translations: Failo Milteliai, Fişiere cu pulbere, Plik Powder, Bestand Poeder, फ़ाइल पाउडर, Arquivo Pó, Порошковая файла, Φάκελος Σκόνη, ملف مسحوق, 파일 파우더, Soubor Prášek, 文件粉, Pols d'arxiu, Súbor Prášok, File Polvere, קובץ פאודר, Филе Прах, ファイルの粉, Fichier Poudre, File Pulver, Polvo de archivo, Порошкова файлу, Tiedoston Powder, Прах на файла



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