Bergamot Orange


a small and roughly pear-shaped fragrant citrus fruit which is a variety of sour orange native to Asia.


Translations: Bergamotes Orange, Bergamočių Orange, Cam Bergamot, Bergamotka Orange, Bergamot ऑरेंज, Bergamota Orange, Бергамот Оранжевый, Περγαμόντο Orange, البرغموت, 베르가못 오렌지, Bergamotu Orange, Jeruk bergamot, 佛手桔, Bergamota Taronja, Bergamot, Bergamotu Orange, Bergamotto Orange, Bergamot אורנג ', Bergamott, Бергамота Наранџа, ベルガモットの実, Bergamote Orange, Bergamotte Orange, Bergamota Naranja, Берегомет Оранжевий, Bergamotin Orange, Бергамот Orange

Selecting and Buying

Seasonality: january, february



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