Chicken Leg- ارجل الدجاج

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The Chicken Leg is made up of the drumstick and thigh. This part of the chicken is classified as the dark meat which means that it contains more fat and connective tissue, requiring longer cooking times.

This less tender part of the chicken is well suited to moist and dry heat cooking methods, but it may need to be parcooked prior to grilling.


Translations: Vistas kāju, Viščiuko koja, Picior de pui, Pileći batak, Gà Leg, Noga z kurczaka, Kippenpoot, चिकन पैर, Куриную ножку, Κοτόπουλο ποδιών, الدجاج الساق, 치킨 다리, Kuřecí stehno, Ayam Kaki, Manok Binti, 鸡腿, Garra de gallina, Piščančja bedra, Kuracie stehno, Pollo Leg, עוף רגל, Kycklingklubba, Пилеће ноге, チキンレッグ, Cuisse de poulet, Hühnerschenkel, Kyllingelår, Kyllinglår, Garra de gallina, Курячу ніжку, Kanankoipea, Пилешко бутче



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