Agua Fresca


Agua Fresca, or "Refreshing Water," is a popular beverage in Latin America, North America and many Caribbean countries made of fruits blended with water, sugar, and sometimes cereals and seeds. Agua Fresca is often served ice cold, providing a most refreshing drink.

Fruits most often used to make Agua Fresca include Guava, Pineapple, Tamarind, Mango and Soursop. Cereals and seeds used include rice and barley.


Translations: アグアフレスカ, أغوا Fresca, Agua fresca, 아구아 Fresca, Agua fresca, Агуа Фреска, Агуа Фреска, 阿瓜斯卡, Агуа Фресца, Aigua Fresca

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