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Tripe is the cow's stomach, tripe also comes from sheep, goat or deer. It has a very unpleasant odor during the first stages of preparation, which require special washing and cleaning techniques (usually involving some kind of acid - vinager or lime juice).


Other names: Trippa, Tripa
Translations: Ķidas, Šlamštas, Măruntaie, Škembići, Bao tử, Flaczki, Pens, बकवास, Tripas, Рубец, Πατσάς, أمعاء, 양, Dršťky, Шкембићи, Isa sa tatlong magkakakambal, 肚, Mondongo, Vampi, Dršťky, Trippa, שטויות, Komagar, Babat, 胃袋, Tripes, Kaldaunen, Kallun, Innmat, Mondongo, Рубець, Mahalaukku, Шкембе



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