Peanuts are a popular food around the world. Contrary to its name, the peanut is actually a legume, making it family to lentils and peas. Peanuts are high in calories, antioxidants, protein, niacin, manganese and folate, making them a healthy food.

They are a popular snack food, usually available raw, roasted, shelled, unshelled, salted and honey roasted. Peanuts are also made into butter for use in sandwiches and other foods. In Asian cooking, peanuts may also be added to stir fries, salads and meat dishes.


Other names: Goober
Translations: Zemesrieksti, Žemės riešutai, Arahide, Kikiriki, Orzeszki ziemne, Pinda's, मूंगफली, Amendoins, Арахис, Αράπικα φιστίκια, الفول السوداني, 땅콩, Arašídy, Кикирики, Mga mani, 花生米, Cacahuate, Arašidi, Arašidy, Arachidi, בוטנים, Jordnötter, Kacang tanah, ピーナッツ, Cacahuètes, Erdnüsse, Jordnødder, Peanøtter, Cacahuates, Арахіс, Maapähkinät, Фъстъци

Physical Description

Colors: light brown to tan

Tasting Notes

Flavors: salty
Mouthfeel: Crisp, Crunchy
Food complements: Jam, Cheese, Curry, Tomatoes, Lime
Beverage complements: Ginger ale, Lemonade
Substitutes: Almonds, Cashews



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