Champagne Vinegar


Champagne vinegar is an expensive type of wine vinegar that has a delicate, refined taste. This type of vinegar in usually preferred in the making of best quality oil and vinegar dressings.


Translations: Champagne Etiķis, Šampanas Actas, Champagne Oţet, Ocat Champagne, Champagne Dấm, Ocet szampana, Champagneazijn, शैम्पेन सिरका, Champagne Vinagre, Шампанское Уксус, Σαμπάνια Ξύδι, الشمبانيا خل, 샴페인 식초, Champagne Ocet, Champagne suka, 香槟醋, Champagne Vinagre, Champagne Kis, Champagne Ocot, Champagne Aceto, שמפניה חומץ, Champagne Vinäger, Сирће шампањац, シャンパーニュ酢, Champagne vinaigre, Champagner-Essig, Champagne Eddike, Champagne Eddik, Champagne Vinagre, Шампанське Оцет, Champagne Etikka, Champagne оцет

Tasting Notes

Substitutes: White wine vinegar



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