Yogurt Cucumber Sauce


16 ounces plain yogurt
2 teaspoons dill
1 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon pepper
2 teaspoons chicken
1 clove minced garlic (optional)
1 medium cucumber, finely chopped


Combine well.


When I think Greek, I think lentils, pita bread, hummus, falafel and cucumber yogurt sauce--a variation of tazaki. It is important to know all yogurts are not created equal. It is the tendency of many to go for the low or non fat varieties; which are inferior in quality, flavor and nutrition. Also look out for the thickeners and additives that create a fake look-a-like. Some brands only have one kind of culture in them, while others have four to six. Some even are cultured during production then processed with heat in the packaging process, which kills the health benefits. Most yogurts in the dairy case are chauk full of sugar, which counter acts any beneficial bacteria, therefore no longer fits the status of "healthy." There are usually one or two acceptable specimens hidden in there. To find the real deal find a label that only includes milk and at least 4 cultures. My favorite is Trader Joe's Organic European Style whole milk plain yogurt, the one in the red container. Do check the expiration when buying yogurt, because as it ages the cultures diminish.

You can leave the cucumbers out of this recipe to give a smoother sauce. Thicken it up a bit with mayonnaise or Veganaise. I only add garlic when I need the extra flavor like in chicken gyros. Use as a salad dressing, a vegetable dip, or a sauce in any pita sandwich.


4 cups


Thursday, December 10, 2009 - 3:47pm


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